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  1. Wizards tower is a common place. It's easy to get reported by players. And don't think about alching at g.e since tribot can't do randoms and from what I know many people insta-report accounts when they dismiss imp/genie..
  2. My main got banned the next day after using this, although it might be from other scripts I've used 1-2 months ago before using this one.
  3. I got my main banned recently, I bought it so I need to bot up another 50m to make up for it ._.
  4. Got 5 mining bots banned so far and managed to milk an easy 8m from them f2p, got my account made from 2014 banned just the other day, had only 400+ skill level but I hate doing all the quests again.. it was a nice account but I couldn't have figured a one time late night fishing script would be the last time I'd see it :/ Those bastards are cunning haha! but I guess it's also a wake up call to never joke around botting carelessly on your real main account since that seams to be the trend with those shills lately.
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