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  1. Can't open Open osrs with it because it runs on java 11 while tribot is running on java 8
  2. are you still selling level 3 training ?

  3. It's not fixed though, also can you add an option to loot seaweed spore for my iron ^^? It even loots my ammo when im trainning melee... from others and the option still ticked off
  4. Bot keeps picking up ammo and I don't want it to, killing crabs on fossil island @Naton
  5. So it's 5 rfd parts + desert treasure ( without 43pray), I'd do that for 12-13m, If interested just reply here or add me on skype: zezistr
  6. As the title says, I'm looking for someone trusted to work to, I'm a highly skilled quester can do most of the quests without a guide, and in very fast times, can also do fire capes on most type of accounts except ones with 43 prayer, and open for other minigames as well. If you need someone like me to help you with your service, put me to test and I'll show you what I can do. To contact me add my skype: zezistr
  7. These are not rules are TOS, every order will be completed as it should don't worry mate, and thanks
  8. My services will consist in only three things, fire capes, full voids and quests. All Fire capes and quests are done by me or my worker both very experienced in those. Fire capes done: Terms of service:
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