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  1. No one lies on the internet do they??!
  2. 2k14

    BUY TRIBOT VIP 2.5M 07

    Ok whats the minimum someone would sell a vip voucher for then?
  3. So yeah is hunter a yes or a no otherwise i could just fish with that account what about the level 3's?
  4. Sorry, I dont understand what you mean.
  5. FOR OLDSCHOOL RUNESCAPE So I have some member accounts, for each account what should i bot? Account 1 = ATT/STR/DEF: 70/78/68 MAGE/RANGE: 85, 71 Account 2 = ATT/STR/DEF: 70/65/61 FISHING: 90 Account 3 = ATT/STR/DEF: 80/75/80 FISHING: 99 Account 4 = MINING: 72 Account 5 = WC: 51 FISHING: 48 Account 6 = ATT/STR/DEF: 65/70/45 RANGE: 70 HUNTER: 78 FISH: 53 Then like 10 accounts which are level 3.
  6. That accounts to 7.5 dollars at $3/m, im pretty sure its selling higher than that.
  7. 2k14

    Botting Question

    Ok so...which is it? The link prebb showed me I can use 1 premium script at a time. Does that include a private script?
  8. 2k14

    Botting Question

    Do I need to be VIP to use tribot? If yes, could I use private scripts without being VIP?
  9. Looking to do some advertising and looking for a script which PM's players ingame.
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