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  1. Nexus to tribot

    hehe true hows like been u seen kevin anywhere?
  2. Nexus to tribot

    Tyler? An ya I had a reselling website not premium scripts and to the other guy I did a wcer miner an rcer
  3. Nexus to tribot

    I kno u cant im saying is it the same basis? and the repo has no good running rs3 scripts , also I kno very well what nexus was I was one of the scripters and resellers
  4. Nexus to tribot

  5. Nexus to tribot

    I was a scripter / reseller I owned the site rsmacroparadise I used to chate with kevin the owner of kminer daily
  6. Nexus to tribot

    How differnt is scripting from nexus to tribot if it's not much differnt I might be able to help for rs3 scripts