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  1. PM me if interested. Price will be discussed.
  2. PM me if interested in making it for me. Price will be discussed.
  3. Do you still need VIP-Extended to use the looking glass? Also, where could I find a tutorial on how to use it?
  4. Skype: Linnipb
  5. Hey! I'm selling 400k gold in deadman mode. 12$ for all of it or 3,3$/100k. I will only sell to trusted users, and I will go first. Post your skype below and say how much you're buying with your skype and I will add you.
  6. Problem is that this is impossible to calculate for me. I can use everything from ten minutes to two hours to fall asleep.
  7. Yeah that's probably the problem. I don't know why they price vip membership 6.50 tough, and not 7 or 6 credits. Anyway, I didn't know that you couldn't buy half credits therefore I want a refund or an exception to buy 1 credit instead of 5.
  8. Hey! I was gonna buy vip, and I wrote 6.50 where I buy credits. It turned out that I only got 6, and I have to buy a minimum of 5 new credits. Meaning I will end up with 11 credits when I only need 6.50. Is it possible to get a refund so I can buy 7 again? Or maybe possible to only buy 0.5 credits? I sent tribot staff a mail yesterday, but haven't gotten any reply yet.
  9. Should I bot on high or low populated servers in catherby? Also, do you guys use breaks when using this script? Really considering to buy.
  10. Oh, sorry I never ment to rip anyone off. I advice you guys to buy from that website instead then and I'll delete my post. I checked the prices here: http://www.fifa14store.co.uk/fifa-14-coins-pc.html So I thought I was doing you all a favour. Sorry lads.
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