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  1. Destu

    Master Thiever AIO

    Actually, some functions of the script simply do not work and Druid had admitted that several times.
  2. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/28139-abcl-10-master-thiever-aio-profit-200k-per-hour-flawless-steal-from-all-npcs-in-rs-799-per-5-instances/ Price you paid for script: $7.99 How many auths you bought: 1 Date purchased: 21/8/2014 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: The author has promised(several times) that he will fix the issues but nothing has been done for over a week. Several features of the script don't work at all.
  3. Suicide leveling at men seems to work pretty well but I can't get the automatic switching to work. It makes my characters run upstairs Lumbridge castle and spam click near the bank. Suicide leveling at farmers doesn't work either. It starts spamming the chicken coop gate.
  4. Slighly offtopic: Are there any (good) scripters who do custom scripts on request? For money of course.
  5. His prices are really high to be honest. Any ideas on my other questions? Do you think it's worth to even get proxies if my accounts will usually get banned in less than ~48h? How about membership? Thanks
  6. That makes sense but where should I get dedicated(private) proxies? Honestly, I think that the risk of "premium" proxies being recycled on this forum is quite high. Really? I had no idea. Thanks!
  7. I'm planning to start botting gold for myself and I have some questions. I believe I can run 10-15 bots with 16GB ram and i5. How many bots should I run, though? Running that many on the same IP sounds quite suspicious. Some people here swear by proxies but I'm more sceptical; are there any providers who don't sell "recycled proxies"? After all there is no guarantee. If all my characters(or just some of them) get banned, what exactly should I do? Is it okay to just make another "batch" of bots on the same IP and start again? How should I handle mules? I know someone who got his mule banned along with all bot characters, even though he didn't bot on the mule. Since I'm using a dedicated server for the bots, should I connect to the mule account from my home computer? Or should I buy a VPS just for the mule(s)? How fast can I expect to get my bots banned? I have no experience of it but running 10+ bots on the same IP does sound like a ban magnet so should I just run the bots 24/7? Or is it still smart to bot something like 10 hours a day(which is what I'm doing currently with 1 character). Membership. I believe buying bonds for membership would be good because f2p worlds are so crowded. But how will I use the bonds? I don't want to manually complete the RS3 tutorial(it's terrible..) to claim a bond on each character. Is there a way to use the break handler so that it'd log my characters automatically each day at something like 8-10 pm? Also, what are some things I should NOT do? Thank you!
  8. Free proxies probably aren't a good idea so I'll have to buy some. Where should I buy them, though?
  9. Thanks for the replies! I think I'll try out Tribot for atleast a month. That's a shame. My RS3 main is nowhere near maxed(only a bit over 2300 total). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to bot a maxed account on OSRS, hah! I'm not looking for fastest money. To be honest I prefer botting something that's lower money but is less botted.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, as you can see and I have some questions. I'm back to Runescape after another break so I don't know how things are at the moment. First off, Tribot. This community is probably quite new since I've never heard of it before. How well does Tribot work compared to other bots nowadays? What other bots still exist? Anyway, I'd like to start botting again but I'm worried. I've heard that botting in RS3 is almost impossible and results in a ban very easily. Is this true? What bot(if any) would you recommend me to use on my main? Which bot is best for OSRS(obviously a lot of people here will say Tribot)? I was thinking of trying Tribot out but if botting results in a ban easily nowadays, I'm not sure if I'll bother. How safe is botting in OSRS? Is there a noticeable difference in ban rates of different bots? I have a pretty powerful dedicated server for other purposes but I might aswell use it for botting. I think it could run atleast 20 clients. How safe is it to bot on multiple accounts on the same IP? Does Tribot support this? Gold price(in Runescape 3) has gone up quite a bit from what it used to be. Why is this? Do you think it will go back down? I might need to buy a lot gold if RS3 botting doesn't really work for me. TL;DR: 1. State of botting in RS3 and OSRS? 2. What bot should I use? Thank you!
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