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  1. where do i submit a bug report?
  2. next question, does it support vengance and rune pouch? rune pouch runes get removed on death and need to be re added to pouch after collected edit: will ring of suffering be supported?
  3. does this support looking glass?
  4. i guess all i was getting at was to log out if dead. i do have edge respawn is that supported?
  5. @RedHawkLuffy script is wont run i have used for over 2m exp but not working currently?
  6. why the fuck would you advertise sand crabs working on a bot and only have it kill until they un agro. its right on the front page and then several times on the last couple pages of the thread
  7. Wow fast responses thanks guys. yeah he just advertises it as supporting sand crabs and some users were talking like they were doing it. if anyone does know the gui settings it would be apreciated
  8. Can anyone give me a rough idea how to set up this script to re-agro sand crabs? i have no clue what i am doing wrong
  9. i died using this script and it was just clicking around in the same 25 squares when i got back
  10. it will pick up whatever arrows haven't disapeared once the kill is over. You just have to set it up properly in the gui.
  11. Can anyone help me sort out this issue? i cannot pay for credits with any of the options including paypal i get a message saying--- Payment Failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. I have spent a couple hundred dollars on tribot and this is seriously dissapointing, it will be 40$ to get 30 credits instead of 30$.. and i have done literally nothing wrong
  12. i think there must be something wrong with looting i have 3 seperate 5-6 hour proggies and not a single drop. its set to loot tokkul and it leaves that fairly often
  13. literally right before this proggie i had a 5 hour proggie which did break 4-5 times and had no issues. not sure what happened to exp/ hr on second proggie either...