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  1. Used on a 'clean' account with a decent total level, which has been active for years. I got banned within 3 hours doing Ardy course. Babysitted itmost of the time and the laps aren't the problem I think. These get completed pretty flawless, but the randomness/anti- ba mouse movements seem unnatural and obvious to me.
  2. @ Kenny, I have the same question, i'm not a cheap cunt i have bought multiple scripts from the tribot repository and i'm a satisfied customer,although i'd like to know whether this works good atm. (Thinking on doing this on my pure from like 60-90+ ) n a lil money making
  3. When reading all of the reactions above, I start to get worried. I'm using the same script and I 'm getting the xp you would expect (around 30k/h). Note: the 'ABCL' mode and fastest mode do not differ in experience for me, so i rather camp safe mode.
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