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  1. I would also support this / pay for this too, if someone created this you would have 2 customers from the get go
  2. Just wondering if there is current;y any functional ape atoll chin script as I'm trying to get 99 range and I used to use Hamood's ape atoll combat trainer but it isn't working for me atm. If anyone can help then I would greatly appreciate it!!
  3. Just wanting to see if somebody would like to create a script to kill hellhounds in Tevally dungeon with range and use the safe spot in order to collect hard clue scrolls. Would be great if someone could!
  4. another thing: when killing seers village people, the script can sometimes get stuck when it clicks the stairs instead of on a person
  5. Great! Thanks for the heads up Also, since my players haven't completed biohazard I can't tele to ardy. I know that you can select to ignore ardy clues but I knida feel bad doing that as what if that clue was worth millions? Would it be possible to add in somewhere that if the user can't tele to ardy then they can tele to cammy and then walk down? its like an extra minute? EDIT: also I'm sounding like a brat sorry! Thankyou for making and working diligently on this script! it's a really good idea and it's working well my first clue i got a zammy page haha
  6. found a few bugs 1) is that tele tabs won't work, it won't withdraw all of them and you have to manually withdraw the last one for the bot to move on 2) When killing goblins, bot will get stuck trying to attack goblin in jail (see pic) http://imgbox.com/175pWgre
  7. Hi I'd like to buy the script and an item pack I'll add you on skype now!
  8. Description: - I would like for someone to create a bot that will kill skeleton monkeys on ape atoll with red chinchompas (the red chin range training method) and have the ability to hop worlds when spot is taken and to bank and return. Payment Amount: - Depends on quality of the script but post offers Payment Type: - Direct bank transfer (AUD), paypal, western union, google wallet, skrill. Time: - not urgent Additional: - really just looking for a realistic quote.
  9. hi I'm just writing to say thankyou for being so professional and genuine about your scripting business! I'm also writing to just let you know that there were some bugs with the script as it was trying to fish trout/salmon at barbarian village. As it tries to bank it sometimes gets stuck around the yew trees or entrance to that ruined building as it is going to the bank. This happened for me once in the first run and then again after 1 hour. Very good script although and I'd highly recommend it to anyone!
  10. Wussupwussup & sduncan07 I have added you on skype. To the other two who have PM'ed me I'm going to see if either of these guys works out before I contact you as they know how to script.
  11. fair guess, it might be, it might not be but if i told you it was then will you shoo?
  12. Sorry, not going to happen for you my man
  13. Sorry, could cause the item to crash / jagex to find out about it
  14. Hi tribot, I know that I am only new here and not trusted at all. I'm willing to work with trusted members and to tell them my idea for a script via PM / skype ect. It is a unique method that takes advantage of what I would call a minor flaw on Jagex's part to make 800k per hour (with current prices that are rising) with absolutley no requirements. This can be done on a level 3 account! So yes, I'm looking for an experianced scripter to get in touch with me so we can talk about possibly making a script for this method and keeping it private Thankyou; Milamber. EDIT: I do belive that scripting this would also be rather easy from my understanding.