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  1. Thrilled about this post great work!
  2. I haven't botted past few days been on deadman mode. I just changed mouse setting on bot, and other settings, plus my break handler to bot way less and take way more breaks
  3. Been using this bot forever now, my proggy is still on front page of this forum post Logged in today to get logged out and was banned I thought goodbye account but I didnt know bot bans expire! 2 day ban for me ;(
  4. better off not complaining this script has worked since the day i've purchased it updates will come after in game updates its well worth the money
  5. Its a very accurate bot for making a consistent amount of money with low ban rate, but you pretty much have to get the requirements legit because the ban rate of botting chins is very high.
  6. I haven't even been keeping track of new ones ill get another one for 40 hours or so i think we can work something out on the prize
  7. Just now noticed the proggy competition, probably already got this shit beat when the bank fix is here. Thanks a lot tri bots been working good lately been paying my irl bills with all the mills
  8. bot seemed broke with latest update to swap between world switcher and log out buttons