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  1. K mate thank you
  2. Can't see the guide yet guessing cus I'm not VIP, does it work with Konduit client?
  3. I wanna try out LG cus I finally understand that it doesn't seem hard to use. Do I have to be VIP Extended or just VIP and once I am one of those what steps do I take from there to set it up?
  4. @daxmagex woah just noticed that when the bot goes from bank to the ramp that conveyor belt is on it clicks directly on this spot on minimap. I feel like this isn't very human like because i couldn't click on this spot maybe 1 out of 10 times let alone everytime flawlessly
  5. @daxmagexI figured out you have to use right click always unless you want the bot to click on stump a lot and idle... @daxmagexI find my bot constantly right clicking trying to find the conveyor belt because the mouse tracking is off a tiny bit anyway to fix this??
  6. @Tri bot likes to enter the maze and then exit crossing the wheat from main area over and over
  7. When a patch of wheat it coming up the bot right clicks the patch repeatedly until it can be clicked to cross can you limit the code that it will only click on it twice then wait for several seconds so that it can be an alternative to right clicking it 5+ times consecutively because if it goes down and comes back up again multiple times it can do this right click thing over and over again which is so obvious of bot behavior. Also bot is trying to cross wheat when there is an opening right next to it. The spot it tries to cross is right next to the opening and you can't cross it there. Then it'll try anyway multiple times and eventually move over a step or two to cross, but it is obviously botlike because there is an opening right next to it
  8. Is this script not around anymore? I see its still on my overview but last post on here was July 5th and its not appearing on my script manager?
  9. Thrilled about this post great work!
  10. I haven't botted past few days been on deadman mode. I just changed mouse setting on bot, and other settings, plus my break handler to bot way less and take way more breaks
  11. Been using this bot forever now, my proggy is still on front page of this forum post Logged in today to get logged out and was banned I thought goodbye account but I didnt know bot bans expire! 2 day ban for me ;(
  12. better off not complaining this script has worked since the day i've purchased it updates will come after in game updates its well worth the money