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  1. It starts and then immediately ends for me. UPDATE: Nevermind, it works. I forgot to sign on! Haha. Flawless script, though. Very simple and useful.
  2. I can't take this thread seriously. Lmao.
  3. I've already tried most of the flax spinners on the repository and most of them either get stuck near that bank, can't open the door on the second floor of lumbridge, or they get my accounts banned. I understand that there is a high ban rate for flax spinning, maybe even picking, but I was wondering if anyone could make one that is seemingly undetectable. I'm sure many people would pay for it, because I sure as hell would. Skype: YMCMBubel
  4. Okay, so I'm pretty new to Goldfarming. I can currently run 6 accounts somewhat kind of smoothly. It's can get laggy, though. I want to run up to around 14-18 accounts and I think that VPS will be able to do that. Is it true? I don't completely understand it so I was just wondering if somewhat could help me set up a VPS and a Goldfarm. I want to learn from one you experts on the forum. SKYPE ME: YMCMBUBEL Thank you!
  5. ...And this is the result of my broken pointer finger, haha. mouse_data-145696-1408034623455.dat mouse_data-145696-1408035300703.dat mouse_data-145696-1408035843446.dat mouse_data-145696-1408036896667.dat mouse_data-145696-1408037578689.dat mouse_data-145696-1408038164942.dat mouse_data-145696-1408341701825.dat