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  1. rsbotmoo

    [Paid Request] World Population Grabber

    public static int getPopulation(int world){ if(world<300) world+=300; List<RSServer> servers = WorldHopper.getServers(); for(RSServer s: servers){ if(s.getNumber()==world) return s.getPopulation(); } General.println("Failed to get population"); return 0; } Here you go
  2. rsbotmoo

    [Paid Request] World Population Grabber

    Ill make one in a sec
  3. rsbotmoo

    TriBot window extremely small

    I have the same problem on my 4k monitor
  4. rsbotmoo

    Java Crashing on .jar download

    if u run console mode: https://gyazo.com/21c71fe0ac0748c7a11530d8356d3e30
  5. rsbotmoo

    Java Crashing on .jar download

    Having the same issue on my vps's(centos7)
  6. rsbotmoo

    Item ID for Prayer potion and overload

    You can just click debug->inventory and it will show all the ids of the items in your inventory.
  7. rsbotmoo

    Is there a way to make the mouse still?

    I guess you could do Mouse.leavegame in the loop & the bot wont move mouse if it hasnt got a task to do.