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  1. Account deleted from the game

    I've also had this problem once, it's a temp ban but it is bugged at jagex end, you will be able to login again in about 2 days
  2. TriBot window extremely small

    I have the same problem on my 4k monitor
  3. Java Crashing on .jar download

    if u run console mode: https://gyazo.com/21c71fe0ac0748c7a11530d8356d3e30
  4. Java Crashing on .jar download

    Having the same issue on my vps's(centos7)
  5. Trusted him with over 100m and did 17 quests for me on 4 maxed accs
  6. Scripting Journey

    I started learning the API like 6-7 months ago, learned alot by just reading other ppl's open source scripts. I added some ppl on skype for the easy problems which were not easy for me that time. Now I made myself some big scripts which are working perfectly. If you want you can add me on skype & PM me whenever you run into a problem writing your script, I'd love to help. (pm me ur skype if u want)
  7. Banned.

    @Acidrapper Did you use Looking glass?
  8. Item ID for Prayer potion and overload

    You can just click debug->inventory and it will show all the ids of the items in your inventory.
  9. Is there a way to make the mouse still?

    I guess you could do Mouse.leavegame in the loop & the bot wont move mouse if it hasnt got a task to do.