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  1. I have got Windows 10. Could Windows Defender be deleting it?
  2. All I see is these 4 folders: - META-INF - obf - org - resources Any help?
  3. Thank you all for your replies.
  4. So, I haven't played this game for little over a year. How is the botting status on both versions? Is it even worth botting? When I botted before I couldn't bot for over 3-4 hours without getting banned on multiple accounts. So how is the situation now? // EDIT: Basically I cba to play unless I can bot.
  5. Wouldn't recommend Mining, especially Motherlode Mine.
  6. Ok I'm confused, my break handlers reset every time I close the bot and I save it?
  7. I have a Super Hub provided by Virgin Media, which apparently means I cannot change my MAC Address. Any other way apart from leaving my Router off for a few days?
  8. I have Virgin Media provider so there is no MAC Address only Mac Filtering :'(
  9. I would like to know the same answer, thanks. The only problem is I don't know whether my IP is Static or Dynamic.
  10. *Sigh* Just been banned on my main :'(
  11. Note: This is from my personal experience. Bought this script about 4-5 days ago now, played on two accounts on this script got banned with break handlers. Only took me around 2 hours to get banned since the script doesn't seem very human-like. Yes, I am using the Premium version. Will not be using again, sorry.
  12. Love the Barbarian Village fishing as it's stable compared to other scripts - also it's free <3
  13. Bought a few days ago, using now - thanks! <3
  14. Been banned about 4-5 times now in the past month, haven't been IP banned (yet).