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  1. Firstly, I'd like to say that I've used this script off and on for years and have gotten many accounts to 99 fish with hundreds of million of gp total. Currently getting another account to 99 fish with minnows at no issue. The reason I'm writing now is that the bot is having issues depositing monkfish @ the appropriate bank. I've tried restarting my clients & clearing the cache, but the issue remains. I'm able to run it, but have to manually bank the monks, and the bot continues w/ no issue. Please advise. Thanks again for a great script! WB
  2. The bot will not bank old glories when crafting cosmics through the abyss. Otherwise the script runs flawlessly for this method.
  3. Got full barrows on my ironman in just over 1000 trips with many, many duplicates. Thank you sir for a reliable script - I never would have done that legit.
  4. @Netami Loving the script so far! Over 180 runs and many, many barrows pieces. I'll definitely be re-upping One thing I noticed during my babysit was that the bot does not eat before looting the barrows chest. On this occasion it was just some chaos runes, but that glitch accounts for the dh legs that never ended up in my bank once before. This is pretty rare for me though, because at 78 defense I normally have to eat. My inventory starts with 1 empty space and I tank Karil, Torag, & Verac without prayer I understand it doesnt eat because it will heal at clan wars and this conserves food, but if the bot would check the loot number with inventory spaces it'd help. Like I said though this is pretty rare, as Karil usually shreds me Thanks again for the badass script! -WB
  5. @Netami Hey man, the script seems to be down since the latest RS update. Specifically, the bot banks my death runes at clan wars (preventing my magic at barrows). If I start at barrows with a perfect inventory and correct script arguments, the bot does not play the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Final edit: It's working again. Not sure why. Didn't change anything lol. Thanks!
  6. Got the trial and I love the script so far! Great work! Can you keep it from banking my holy wrench?
  7. @warfront1 Hi, I got the trial to craft some cosmics in the abyss. It worked really well compared to the other runecrafter for this purpose, so I liked that. A couple things I noticed in the hour: The bot would not bank used Amulets of Glory, instead just kept them in inventory It would not refill the pouches from within the bank menu. This made it close to fill and then reopen the bank. This all has the potential to be very top notch. Thanks for your hard work!
  8. That worked! I had to close all relevant open programs and run it, but i'm back to botting. Thank you
  9. No one else is having trouble with Looking Glass? I haven't been able to get Tribot to hook onto my OSbuddy (32-bit) client for the last few days. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Tribot/OSBuddy & tried deleting all cached clients - still no dice :x
  10. As others have noted, the RuneLite "Download for all platforms" option works. And still does as of this writing. If you get a blackscreen with RuneLite just go to Client > New Client (Looking Glass) and repeat until it hooks properly. Then delete all the extra tabs. Happy botting -WB
  11. Hey USA — I need one feature added before I can purchase this script for my bots. That is, please include the ”Unstrung Holy Symbol” as an option for SILVER crafting. Thank you for the great service! WB
  12. The bot works great! I've got many thieveing levels - all the way up to a 89 on an ironman. The account was banned but I was using multiple bots so I cannot point solely to this. (BTW the bot snagged two Pharaohs Scepters on the ironman before the ban) Regardless of the ban, it's an excellent script. I still use it, and will continue to. With that said -- could you please fix the issue I've indicated below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After finishing a plunder run, the bot will run North West, to the Western most city gate. It will stand there for a while and drop items (if drop junk is turned on). I've posted a picture of exactly where the bot runs to. As this repeats over and over again, it looks pretty bot-like. Please give this one some attention in the near future. Thanks! WB
  13. Tried the script but I do not think it works with my looking glass... it's a shame too because I only use LG and I really wanted a barrows bot. If this ever gets fixed for LG then I'll be buying!
  14. Tried this script out earlier with Iban's Staff (u) because I thought I had read that as a feature -- but now I see that I must have misread I really want the Iban's feature added.. but it isn't a deal breaker.. if I can get this working with slayer dart later then I'll be buying!
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