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  1. How do you set this up to actually bank instead of sitting in front of the bank till its manually restarted could you help me resolve this thanks in advance
  2. Auto Tithe Farm Pro Development

    Cant wait to use this will definitely buy on release also if you need a beta tester ill gladly help with data gathering for you
  3. Thanks for the fast replies are you able to help me with a few banking questions i have can message you on skype if it will be easier
  4. Nice script just brought while it was on sale few notes. "Bit slow on re attacking mobs using safe spot method nothing to major just seems alil bot like, also are you able to add potions for the respected combat styles for faster xp. and also adding gem bag would be nice for the extra gp an hour" thanks in adv another happy customer
  5. Do you think you could add the option to eat normal cakes and chocolate cakes for low levels thanks in advance
  6. The Official "Banned" Thread: All Ban Discussion Goes Here!

    Me cause i have no job at the moment haha
  7. The Official "Banned" Thread: All Ban Discussion Goes Here!

    wasnt 24/7 botting more like 14 hours a day with multiple script changes through out the day
  8. The Official "Banned" Thread: All Ban Discussion Goes Here!

    2 acc banned permanently banned 9:20 pm 5 December one acc was using stigma Fletcher and the other was using stigma magic both having breaks every 2 hours
  9. Was just a client bug restarted it and fixed the problem. nice script btw only thing which ive already seen youve noted would be faster gear switches
  10. Hey dont know if this is intentional either but ive noticed when the bot grabs out a stamina potion (1) dose and drinks it it leaves the vial in inventory and doesnt swap it for a shark dunno if its a client problem or the scripts will restart the client now to see if it changes anything.
  11. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    more click intensive than csgo Xmouse_data-145516-1480209506456.dat