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  1. if your f2p bots last more than a day thats pretty successful for f2p botting imo lol maybe you shouldn't have made that info public that your accounts last the weekend if you start them at 8 pm
  2. made me a script quickly and fixed any bugs fast as well, will be using again for any future private scripts,!
  3. #1 gambling community ??? according to what??
  4. hello just wondering if the extra 2 weeks have been added to our auths one of mine ran out and i cant run it >.<
  5. easy clue or medium clue solver would be epic
  6. sold me 5 credits very fast thanks !
  7. how much longer can osbuddy exchange be down -.- did they get kidnapped or something lol
  8. i am having the same issue, i think it might be an osbuddy problem ?? script was working fine last night for me tho >.< edit: working fine for me now
  9. what were you botting if you dont mind saying?
  10. bought 3 credits it was really fast and smooth ill be using this often Cheers!
  11. never stopped botting come at me jagex,weath im looking at u bllllllllaaaaaaaaaaatt
  12. botting overnight was always insta ban for me regardless of script,sorry for your loss
  13. people still do that twerking shit ?
  14. or you can be a noob like me and use a windows vps installing java is as easy as clicking internet explorer and searching java lol