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  1. zeve

    TRiBot Release 9.305_0

    yassssssssss queen slay Kappa
  2. zeve

    Looks like it will be a few more days...

    @TRiLeZ godspeed you sexy sob
  3. he's a big for ((((you))))
  4. zeve


    blueballed me there feelsbadman
  5. zeve

    Loading Client Params

    feelsbadman i closed down my old clients earlier today...regret full of it
  6. i finished buying the unlimted the other day, and i want to say thank you for awesome bot. i did notice since all the accounts i had running were buying the same resources is there a way to make the bot buy from the list randomly, instead of all of them buying the same thing
  7. https://gyazo.com/396c6164e5c42134e48be3789756b51c fired them up today and this happened
  8. i have about 200m, and i diverted it into 4 accounts by 50 and average about 200k ea account, can anyone pm some of items on their list to help me increase my gp per hour, thanks
  9. made me a script quickly and fixed any bugs fast as well, will be using again for any future private scripts,!
  10. hello just wondering if the extra 2 weeks have been added to our auths one of mine ran out and i cant run it >.<
  11. how much longer can osbuddy exchange be down -.- did they get kidnapped or something lol
  12. i am having the same issue, i think it might be an osbuddy problem ?? script was working fine last night for me tho >.< edit: working fine for me now