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Everything posted by wardragon133

  1. wardragon133

    Vip Exntended got taken away?

    yes im a kook
  2. wardragon133

    Vip Exntended got taken away?

    I bought vip 3 days ago, i restarted my client and now its saying i need to order vip exntended. wtf?
  3. Been running fine all day until now, it sits at catherby bank drinking all my stam pots one after another.
  4. wardragon133

    [Free]zMagicChopper V1.2 by Zainy[Updated]

    i just bought the premium verson how do i use it?
  5. wardragon133

    [Free]zMagicChopper V1.2 by Zainy[Updated]

    no download?
  6. wardragon133

    Super Miner by Zainy

    is the bot down?