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  1. Would not that lead to a dead rs economy in that case?
  2. title says all. just curious, will it ever rise up again or nah?
  3. I got this message literally today "Thank you for submitting your account for review. While the thread was open, a total of 2,734 accounts were submitted for review, all of which have been invaluable in helping us to refine our hijack detection heuristics. Two weeks later we’re now in a position to share the results. Out of every account banned for macroing within the last three months, only 0.027% were identified as being hijacked at the time. If we go back across the whole two years, that number is even smaller. To help put it into perspective, that’s one in 1:3663 After reviewing your account there was no evidence that the account was hijacked at the time the macroing offence took place. As a result of this your account will remain banned, and will not be reviewed again. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your account. This shouldn’t be the end of your adventures. We really hope you continue to play on any existing accounts you own, or you cancreate a new account to begin a brand new adventure. If you need any further assistance, please visit our Online Support Centre."
  4. Ohh I see it now Thanks!
  5. How do I check how many days do I have left?
  6. Hey mate, sorry for late reply, because I was looking for solution, I mean as you probably know due to recent updates on fire cape (09/10/2015) these fire capes for 1-31prayer are nearly impossible BUT i know how to do it. All you need is mininum 70 range+, 65 hp+ and 60 magic. Add me on skype we will talk
  7. Read title please. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance.
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