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  1. See this is what we call entitlement, and feeling like the world revolves around you. The feeling that you can comment on what you want and speak your mind, but all of a sudden when someone else does it it's not ok. It's almost laughable that you're using that logic, you pesky muppet.
  2. Inspect element game 2 strong. Really I was only around 98 - 105 WPM On a consistent basis.
  3. Swag swag tell em' hoes suck my dick based god bitch
  4. I've heard that people have lives outside of TRiBot.
  5. Try not to troll Yeah, you see what I did there.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nFYSuemovU&feature=youtu.be WHY I WAS BANNED: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/41012-vorpallix-ddosing/?hl=vorpallix
  7. Scammer's Username: mammothowl1010 Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/101911-mammothowl1010/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Describe in detail in your words what happened: I paid him 6M to do 46 - 53 thieving and also desert treasure for me. He had done many services for me in the past, so I figured why the fuck not. Gave him bank pin and account info, because I've known him awhile and we were pretty close. Didn't think he'd actually clean me for such a small amount (Roughly 30M) Evidence**: As you can see, he removed me on Skype, and still has not finished desert treasure or the thieving. I do not have bank pics before, but that's irrelevant because the task did not get completed, and he took my money. Other: Note to mammothowl: You're a fucking jew scamming for such a low amount. AS YOU CAN SEE HE CLAIMED TO HAVE ME AT 48 THIEVING. PICS BELOW SHOW THAT HE DIDN'T EVEN GET THAT FAR. FLATOUT LIE. If any further evidence is needed ask me to supply it. OH And his skype: ban him i say loael
  8. Blackmill

    Range botting

    I actually made a gmaul pure over summer and had NO bans whatsoever. I just bought a pro rock crab script and I did my questing first so that I could get my accumulator. Then once you have accumulator you can just go to crabs and get around 30K exp per hour, which isn't great but it gets the job done. And the ban rate is hella low in comparison to ranged guild scripts imo.
  9. Lol sounds like a skank to me am I rite? Be careful he might hit you offline with his 5GBPS potato.
  10. Blackmill

    Buy uncut emeralds

    I have 6 in my bank if you'd like.
  11. Do you have any idea what the fuck you're talking about?
  12. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/In_Search_of_the_Myreque
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