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  1. *EDIT* Assuming this has something to do with the problems the client is having today. Just saw Fluffee's update. I am having an issue where when running a script, it continually opens the settings tab and toggles the run energy a couple times (for example, it'll toggle the energy off, on, and then back off). It takes its time doing so as well. After trying another script, the same thing started happening. This just started happening today. I've been using these two premium scripts for the past two to three weeks.
  2. Update: Still loving this script! One feature that I feel is absolutely necessary is at least ending the script if the "Friends House" goes offline. As of now it repeatedly tries to enter the house. Ideally, it could have an algorithm to find a new host! I've used this script a lot and strangely it just started doing this thing where it is playing with toggling the run energy inside of the settings tab. It leaves the settings tab open every single time it doesn't need the inventory open to unnote with Philas. Unsure why this just started happening! *Edit* This run toggling is happening for another script as well suddenly. Any idea what is going on?
  3. Works almost flawlessly. Its gotten stuck in my own POH instead of entering a friends a couple of times over the many hours ive used this so far. Usually supports staffs no problem, but with the mist staff it was saying I ran out of supplies for falador teleports one time, and didnt have that problem other times. Just some info for your developing Love the script, thanks a lot!
  4. This occurs with both scripts I've been trying to use, God's tab maker and aAgility. As I mentioned, clicking "Start Script" (to bring up the script selection menu) even freezes, so I don't believe its script related.
  5. I am having an issue where client actions freeze my entire Mac OS, for roughly 3-60 seconds depending on the action. Some examples: I click Start Script, and the game freezes as well as the rest of my computer and I lose the ability to click out of the tribot application and into a different one (ig. Chrome). Starting a script, everything will freeze as mentioned above, the scripts GUI will take roughly up to 60 seconds to appear, and also has less lengthy freezes while setting script settings, like choosing from a list or entering a value. Once I get through all that, the scripts run perfectly smooth. I am using Mac OS High Sierra java version "1.8.0_191" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode) Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  6. Hey just purchased Working well. A few improvements to make this a big W: As others have mentioned, add clicking of the hosts name on second entrance, rather than typing every time. If I was jagex, thats an easy way to detect a bot. Also, if host goes offline, the script should auto stop, maybe send an alert also. Other then that, maybe camera turns should be used less, as when I do this activity myself, I am able to make all of my clicks without turning the camera. Would be more afk and human like.
  7. Just bought, GUI is a blank white box. Tried restarting tribot, issue reoccured. Not sure if this is the same GUI issue ive seen mentioned above or not. Let me know please.
  8. Definitely needs some work... seems very bot like to me: it sometimes right clicks the banker rather than clicking on the window, it clicks on minimap rather than on the near by tile occasionally, and if it were a human it should also have bank set to deposit all and just left click the fish. Another thing is that it more often then not has an anti-ban delay at the end of an inventory, and so it often sits there, where as a human would be more cognizant that the inventory is about to be full and would go bank more often then not. Also, hide-able paint would be huge. I want to be able to see chat. I see that you are away this week, I hope all is well. If I could maybe get a pause or an extension or lastly a refund, it would be greatly appreciated, because I wont risk using this until some of these things are changed.
  9. Just purchased, seemed outdated to me. Sits there and does nothing for overly long periods of time. Can I have a refund please?
  10. Good script so far. Died once though and lost some shit, wasn't watching to see how. When I reran the script, my task was 2 ankou. (Possible the cause of my death was the bot trying to complete the task on no food?) It teleported to camelot, ran to the stronghold slayer cave, and appeared to be stuck at some greater demons as a dialogue screen appeared saying something about Nieve and the task (also possible it died at this stage). Sorry if thats not helpful and not in a proper format. Feel free to ignore that when you respond to me, I just have a few questions. I expect you'll tell me to add you on skype, however these might be common questions others would like to know. Is there a preferred options (for maximum efficiency) list somewhere? Do you plan to have a custom gear/combat-style (melee, range, mage) option for individual tasks? I think you understand what I mean but for example I would like to use magic (fire spells) at Ice Giants, or dhide armour for certain melee tasks. Also, mounted glory/ house teleport options would be a great addition to this script. Thanks Mute, much respect
  11. Hey I'm currently crafting nature runes in the abyss. I am using the house teleport/ mounted glory method. It tends to get stuck outside the room with the mounted glory and does not open the doors to get in. My glory room is directly north of the portal and the glory is on the southern east corner. Help would be appreciated thanks!
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