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  1. Many thanks! Xmouse_data-14423-1473803944746.dat
  2. Is there a way I can manually reset this? I've tried redownloading the client and running up the script multiple times, but I keep getting excessive reaction times, I'm talking multiple 12000ms breaks in a row. Totally unrealistic behaviour, and it makes looting behaviour strange too. Any ideas?
  3. I'm having slight issues, my reaction times are constantly 7000-10000ms... It doesn't really feel like realistic behaviour... Is this a result of the script or the client?
  4. Yeah my java is up to date, I have recently installed the newest edition of Java 8. I also have the issue with the break handler, is this because I am trying to run scripts on a Mac?
  5. It will not let me enter a domain/IP address which is required for Mutes AIO Slayer, I can enter the address, press enter multiple times, and click Ok/Save. When I enter the menu again, the previous entries that I have just put in have disappeared.. This means I cannot run the script which requires me to manually enter a Domain/IP to the firewall
  6. Method: (what method you were using) Humidify Fishbowl Event: (what event the paint was displaying) Open Bank Stack-trace: (copy/paste any debug text from both the client and bot debug) Nothing What was the script doing: (brief description) Start script and immediately script opens bank, sits there for a minute, then logs out. Have all required items in inventory. Just paid $7 for 30 days use of this script.. I hope I haven't just wasted my money...
  7. I have purchased this script under this username, used it for a prolonged period of time, and now I have come back and since regaining my VIP status, it says I have no longer purchased your script, is this a known issue?
  8. The bot won't run if I have items to be looted as well as running with bones to peaches, why is this? Also the mouse movement/clicking seems excessively fast, can this be altered somehow?
  9. Keeps telling me that my level is lower than 31, when it is not, and it doesn't run :/
  10. Bump I've had no progress in finding where the break routines are stored on a mac, therefore have no idea how to import.. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  11. http://imgur.com/9OOqboU This is what I am presented with when I attempt to enable break handler, it doesn't allow me to allocate breaks/log in times Thanks for your fast response
  12. This thread is mainly a question as to whether importing break handler routines is a possibility, as I am using a mac and the break handler function isn't quite working, and it wont let me make my own schedule. Perhaps implementing a function where people can share break routines would be a good idea? Especially for me as I can't write my own.
  13. I am selling 100k Fifa Ultimate Team Coins for £25, or 200k for £45 PM Me here if you're interested XBOX