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  1. i even tried the dhide body maker option and it didnt work please can you refund
  2. add me on skype yusuf_monkey ill show u what its doing
  3. and while its making the air b staffs it trys using the air orb on the bstaff whilsts its making them..
  4. thanks bro respect for yoru reply.. it works abit then it messes up and pulls out 28 air orbs then uses orbs on each other it was logged in 6 hours doing that..
  5. i just purchased the script please fix the air b staff option it doesnt even work and thats the reason i brought the script..
  6. lava runes messes up when pulling earth runes keeps rebanking this is mode with earth taly and earth runes for pures
  7. Hey, @Tri, Script runs perfectly but I've noticed that with some of the randoms it runs away which is a bit weird as they can just spawn next to you, happens a lot with Dr.Jekyll, all the randoms are dismissible so I don't see the need for them to be evaded. I don't know if this is a Tribot client problem or to do with the script. Sorry if posted in the wrong section. Also Torstol seeds in the loot table would be great Thanks
  8. I did this and still no luck on it picking up Firefox?. Advice plox?
  9. @Aropupu Been using it this script for a while now, was running flawless until last night, I've notice it just stops after a few laps at the first wall. I watched it today multiple times for around 5-10mins and it will just stand there for however long until I manually click climb wall myself. It will just stand here or around the first obsticle.
  10. im doing every 3 hours break and im babysitting and ofc im staking and going pking inbetween
  11. Just got a permanent ban at experiments mods have been walking around my player didnt log.. even though i had the setting on... just brought the script two days ago. and no i didn't suicide my account is near enough maxed pure with 147m bank i was babysitting fuck my life man