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  1. musique


    Script spam clicks in the center of the screen that asks which fireplace to build, instead of clicking the fireplace.
  2. musique

    Error with TRiBot Loader

    Is it the JDK that you have installed? In the drop down menu, are you pointing towards JDK?
  3. musique

    [RS3] Tribot wont open client

    @YoHoJo Thanks for the reply. I know RS3 isn't the first priority for TriBot, and it isn't mine either
  4. musique

    [RS3] Tribot wont open client

    Whenever I try to run TriBot for RS3 (works fine for old school) the client doesn't open. If I look in my processes (task manager) I can see that java.exe is running, with much less memory than usual (80k). My JDK is up to date and TriBot is set to launch with it (old school works fine). Any help is greatly appreciated! Musique
  5. @RV11 I have small breaks every hour, give or take 20 minutes. Seems to work for everything I use.
  6. Haven't run into a single issue yet and no deaths, great script. Is there any chance you could add profit/hour - pulling prices from zybez for runes/pure essence/teletabs?
  7. musique

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I'd pay double if this script high alch'd while running.
  8. Yeah I get this everywhere except Draynor Willows, so currently I'm just botting willows for 99. I noticed this but didn't report it seeing as you did, figured I may as well say I'm having this issue too. Also waiting on Dragon Axe special still; it's been awhile since an update (September 2014).
  9. Rune Mysteries and Cooks Assistant only on one account, the other is my main with many quests done. I've been using this for a month now. Botting any gathering skill increases your chances of ban, I fletch my logs after so maybe that has something to do with it. Do you sell yours?
  10. I use this daily, yews and willows. I bot for a max of 5 hours at a time with a 10 minute or so break every hour. I usually bot for another 2-3 hours afterwards, and haven't recieved a ban yet. If all you ever do is 1 single gathering skill, you are most likely a bot.
  11. @Nijuflen Go back to https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1037-usa-fighter/ and click activate. All scripts can be added through the repository this way.
  12. Is this on purpose or will it be changed? It doesn't mention that you can only have 3 items equipped anywhere.
  13. I don't like that the script is using my gold to buying random food when I'm level 93 with dragon armour fighting lvl 46 steel animations. Could you add an option to just fill my inventory with armour? EDIT: Pretty much an option to turn off food and withdraw more than one set.