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  1. Script spam clicks in the center of the screen that asks which fireplace to build, instead of clicking the fireplace.
  2. Is it the JDK that you have installed? In the drop down menu, are you pointing towards JDK?
  3. @YoHoJo Thanks for the reply. I know RS3 isn't the first priority for TriBot, and it isn't mine either
  4. Whenever I try to run TriBot for RS3 (works fine for old school) the client doesn't open. If I look in my processes (task manager) I can see that java.exe is running, with much less memory than usual (80k). My JDK is up to date and TriBot is set to launch with it (old school works fine). Any help is greatly appreciated! Musique
  5. @RV11 I have small breaks every hour, give or take 20 minutes. Seems to work for everything I use.
  6. Haven't run into a single issue yet and no deaths, great script. Is there any chance you could add profit/hour - pulling prices from zybez for runes/pure essence/teletabs?
  7. Loved it ^.^ Looking forward to your works here on TriBot.
  8. I remember pGarden, goldfarmed a lot with it.
  9. Unless you have lifetime scripts purchased, just make a new account.
  10. Interested in this service with a few tor ports, added you on Skype.
  11. I'd pay double if this script high alch'd while running.
  12. I understand, I just feel that is where the line between premium scripts and free scripts should be drawn. When I used your Abyss Runecrafter with shit tier armour and defence, you pointed that out to me almost immediately, there was no week long wait for a simple fix. Maybe I should just take your advice and wait before buying.