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  1. Could you assist me with not dying/setting up better @Worthy, i used to run this script a lot. Perfect, ran perfectly fine. Now i can't mass up a single kill without dying 5-8 times in the process.
  2. The bot right now, is flawed. Dies a lot, messes up a lot.. Haven't gotten a successful kill using the bot but when i do it myself i can get kills pretty easily. I think it's because of the new blue form. Any ideas Worthy? Would love for this script to work successfully.
  3. Logged on, got a monkies task. Level 1 slayer it ran to the bank, checked the gem and ended script? Is it because i don't have the "following items" i haven't done lost city yet.
  4. Bot stood in the bank withrdrawing tuna and depositing for Waterfall quest. What a waste.