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  2. Another issue I found is the quick hopper doesn't work. It clicks on the world and then doesn't press 1/click okay in the chat window to confirm the hop.
  3. Had an error, it banked and got super att/strs(all random doses not just the 4 doses?) Then when arriving back at the set tile location it gave the attached error. Please look into this.
  4. Just purchased this, after trying it for 2 hours! Will let you know how it goes! First ever script bought!
  5. Yes I understand that now, however it's not written in a clear way. If you're new and it says able to run unlimited free, premium scripts that could easily mean that if you are VIP you can run any script you like. I understand that now after your aggressive welcome to the forum thank you.
  6. It stated before purchasing VIP that I get unlimited scripts: "Able to run unlimited free, vip, and premium scripts" I am trying to run premium scripts but it still states that I need to purchase them, what is this???