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  1. axbridge

    The New ArQuest

    Good luck man, sounds awesome!
  2. axbridge

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Thank you for making this clear to me
  3. The autotrade feature seems bugged. I tell them to go to my world and they respond but no further action is done. They just stand still and i have to reset them in order to make the bots work again.
  4. axbridge

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    And here are the others! How does one gets access to the human mouse now? Xmouse_data-142677-1421696186070.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421696605944.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421701225207.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421701714612.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421702168178.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421703245473.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421719362285.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421726047816.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727157559.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727584679.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727985970.dat
  5. axbridge

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Here my 22 files! It was a pain to get but i hope its worth it ( the others are in the next comment due to file size ) Xmouse_data-142677-1421019319074.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421365154023.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421365804413.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421366483570.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421367355890.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421448775593.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421458906017.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421612235888.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421612774750.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421613176378.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421695709549.dat
  6. Seems like a very usefull script for the people training Prayer! Gongratz on releasing it!
  7. axbridge

    Paypal Purchases

    Glad you sorted it out! But you didnt had to make 3 topics for that you know
  8. axbridge

    Credits Through Paypal

    Maybe it will take a while for your credits to show up. I bought 30 credits yesterday with PayPal and i recieved them in a few minutes.
  9. axbridge

    Did any one get banned on 17th

    nope still going strong with 13 bots.
  10. Bots? Never heard of them.