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  1. Yeah i am going to. Right now i quit because i have to do some prep work but i will get going in a few days and start all over again
  2. Would be a fun thing that gets more users on the forum. They might read some threads after playing which they normally don't
  3. He didn't start being active until made aware of the issue. But he has to fix all the other issues of proxies being found on the web being sequential, having the same ports, etc, whether or not he knew about them does not void him of providing a refund. JMC said I was entitled to one. I would appreciate if sanderty could cooperate with the ruling of the mod and give me my refund.
  4. You told me that the new proxies would be different. They are all still the same. Sequential and everything. You agreed on giving me 14 different proxies which are from different locations. The problem is not solved. I would like my refund as the Mod stated.
  5. No the problem is not resolved. refer to all the other evidence, that alone should make you not allowed to sell proxies on this site. All I am asking for is my right to a refund which JMC has already awarded me. You only regret things because you got caught.
  6. Well considering that @TiempoSales had to stop selling proxies because of this issue a while back and then refund people that proved this to him ( @Gh0sty ) I think that I am entitled to a refund as well as any other user that can prove what i have proven.
  7. are there any mods that can look over this talk with me please. @Usa @Mat @YoHoJo @Montreal @J M C
  8. I don't see it fuck up gold prices either.
  9. Yes that does have something to do with it @TiempoSales proxies are not like this. They are different location. Different port. Different subnets. They can not be found on the Internet. We searched them just like we did yours and found nothing. The reason bans are so high on your proxies is because of these reasons. His also have different username and password. The reason no body has these issues with him is because he properly protects users by getting high quality proxies with these countermeasures in place. You should not provide users with proxies like these it is not fair to the community.
  10. what about the sequential ips? What about the proxies all over the Internet? What about everything else in this dispute?'
  11. axbridge

    Lock this

    You can pay with paypal here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/
  12. Hello Tribot Community, To be honest I do not even know where to begin with this dispute. After issues arose with proxies i had purchased from Sanderty, I talked to another user who has now truly exposed me to how terrible his proxies are. I will begin by stating, that me and the other user were able to ACCESS proxies that were not ours. This could be very well lead to accounts being banned due to a third party accessing them. Proof of that can be found through this screenshot: http://imgur.com/knp2cOb So, by looking at this video, we can clearly see that his proxies are not safe and we are able to gain unauthorized access to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG3Z6ICWAIU To further my dispute, by just doing a simple google search I was able to pull up every single proxy that I own as well as others. This happened across multiple websites. This user is not running a safe business like he states here: http://puu.sh/f0yuJ/3c471afd55.png Here I will post images of the multiple websites I found my proxies on: http://puu.sh/f0w3N.png - http://puu.sh/f0vyh.png - http://puu.sh/eWTPn.png - http://puu.sh/eWSzb.png - http://puu.sh/eWSex.png - http://puu.sh/eWS97.png - http://puu.sh/eWRYl.png - http://puu.sh/eWRGv.png - http://puu.sh/eWRfx.jpg Finally here is a screenshot and a pastebin of every proxy i have ever owned from him and you are able to find them right there. http://puu.sh/f0CLB/0c9f2a9db9.png http://puu.sh/f0CO7/0a91086261.png http://pastebin.com/spkS6XHd Sanderty does not provide good proxies, they all have the same username and password, port, and the IPs are barely changed at all. Everything is sequential. This user should not be allowed to sell proxies, or at least give me my money back instead of bad mouthing me and blaming me for my issues when they are most likely his fault based on everything i have proven. That can be found here: http://puu.sh/f0D2n/30f2e373ba.png Next, sure he replaced them for me, but again, they pose the same issues as the reasons i gave above. ' @TiempoSales @sanderty
  13. At the end of the conversation i said it was clear that he didn't want to help and find a solution for this. His response was deleting me from skype. This is where his policy of changing ip's on request would be usefull. Ofcourse you are not going to change ip's everytime a account gets banned on 07 scape but after using them for 10 days and having to recreate them everytime because of chainbans i am pissed. Now if he is willing to give me 14 different ip's that are not close to eachother i would gladly accept the offer but as far as the conversation went we didnt even got to that part.
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