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  1. The road to my first car

    Yeah i am going to. Right now i quit because i have to do some prep work but i will get going in a few days and start all over again
  2. Ever entertained the thought of an Arcade section?

    Would be a fun thing that gets more users on the forum. They might read some threads after playing which they normally don't
  3. Bonds in oldschool

    I don't see it fuck up gold prices either.
  4. Lock this

    You can pay with paypal here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/
  5. The road to my first car

    Quick update: My farm crashed and i had to find another method. Right now im starting all over again, small and getting my way up. Im making good profit right now but im still in the minus I reckon it will take 1-2 days before im seeing positive numbers again. I am still in this and won't give up
  6. I have the exact same problem as op.
  7. The New ArQuest

    Good luck man, sounds awesome!
  8. bonds

    You can redeem them on your RS3 character for membership and several other stuff.
  9. The road to my first car

    Back up and running 14 bots again! Trying to see if taking breaks has any effect or not. Lets make some progress!
  10. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Thank you for making this clear to me
  11. The autotrade feature seems bugged. I tell them to go to my world and they respond but no further action is done. They just stand still and i have to reset them in order to make the bots work again.
  12. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    And here are the others! How does one gets access to the human mouse now? Xmouse_data-142677-1421696186070.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421696605944.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421701225207.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421701714612.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421702168178.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421703245473.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421719362285.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421726047816.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727157559.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727584679.dat Xmouse_data-142677-1421727985970.dat