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  1. It seems whenever I train a skill for over an hour I start getting a random event, this happens in fixed intervals of 40 minutes every time I'm botting or even training legit. I remember that being "red flagged" use to mean that you got a random every 15 minutes because you were highly suspected to be botting, so does a random every 40 minutes also count as a red flag?
  2. The most beast script I have ever used. Pays for itself within a day. Most of the time I run it for 10 hours a day with breaks, but I quit early because I was getting randoms every 40 min, is that normal? Most recent proggies:
  3. Just purchased the script, I'll upload proggies and any problems within a few hours .
  4. I'm trying to run a script for mining before I think about buying vip for a month, but I can't run any script as I'm not a vip, although this says that I can run one premium script; Ability to run unlimited scripts in TRiBot. Free users are only allowed to run one script at a time, and that script has to be a premium script. ​So is there any way I can run a premium script without the client redirecting me to the vip page?
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