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  1. Hello I would REALLY appriciate a reply here, I have been having trouble over the past week and I can not figure out what the problem is. Bot gets stuck on 'Downloading tri experiement fighter'. http://gyazo.com/299e670eb122febc21d9fef2e1eb2060 also my firewall: http://gyazo.com/14e10fb11da6b553b75a70d0267b14dd everything should be working fine please reply. Much appriciated.
  2. I would like to buy please pm me
  3. Hi I need just posting on thread before i add you to skype or please reply if you are online
  4. i'll take 2 pat_richo on skype get MM as you're a new member
  5. Add pat_richo to skype i'll take all 410each as they're selling 420 atm
  6. Doesn't seem anyone has bought off you not sure why you're thanking for trades.
  7. getting banned for goldfarming

  8. My 3 good friends and I are experiencing the same problem, it just started happening after the update I would like it fixed or a refund please.
  9. Script doesn't work as of 23/1/2014
  10. fail script asks me for food on tea stall then says no food and stops.
  11. Fails after about 500 made stuck on bank will update asap
  12. 7 accounts perm banned in 2days. hahaha.. Jagex onto it fellas be careful. I've picked over 2,000,000 flax. Made over 100m picking flax, easy. But this last 1 week, I got 7accounts banned that have never been touched before. They're ontoit
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