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    20. Writer. Singer/songwriter. Music festivals are life. Runescape has been a hobby since 2002. Get to know me. I'm a contributing member.

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  1. Nothing further development wise on this?
  2. Try buying it first, then ask for guthan's support. Excited for my christmas bonus to come so I can try your script!
  3. Looks awesome mate!
  4. If you bot, you will be banned. Simple.
  5. I plan to purchase upon premium release! Excellent.
  6. Motherlode mine overnight.
  7. Support!
  8. Expected release date of updated script ?
  9. For something like Woodcutting or Agility this is ridiculous. For something like a Barrows or NMZ bot this is fine.
  10. Gnome course malfunctions when I start it at the beginning of the course at the log.. It just runs off to the south west indefinitely. PM me if it's not Jagex's fault lol
  11. Considering it, as using this one script for my entire slayer run would likely decrease ban chances.
  12. My account really did get disabled tho.. GF