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  1. Which one am I supposed to download? I tried TriCagedOgreFighter.zip and V3.2 and neither one works
  2. Yo could you make it to telegrab seeds before I order a VIP
  3. Does this work at any npc? ANY? And yes, im not VIP, wanna make sure before ordering one
  4. bumb still doesnt work
  5. [15:06:02] BestBuyer: Cannot connect to update server. Try later [15:06:02] BestBuyer: Script down for now. Try Later [15:06:02] Script Ended: BestBuyer. Please fix
  6. I'm seriously tired of this, im 80 hours without a phat. Can someone please PM a good spot.. if I get enough p hats I can pay you
  7. Is there something wrong with the script? I'm about 50h without a party hat and so is so many other people
  8. Best place to bot these? Anyone?