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  1. having the exact same issue. all was working prior to the update.
  2. One of the few scripts I feel comfortable starting and not opening again for hours. After tweaking and optimizing the settings the bot is absolutely flawless and does what it needs to do, kill crabs - plain and simple. Been using it on sands which is very crowded, it may take 10 mins to find an empty world, and bot finds it fine. 10/10 script, thank you @Naton
  3. ya, it performs maybe worse than most free scripts haha, watching it the mouse movement is incredibly botlike, seems like there wasn't a lot of time put into scripting this, very disappointed with my purchase.
  4. is there a way to set delays or make mouse movement off screen w/ abc2? Been using the script and it has basically no delay of putting wine in bank and making and never puts mouse off screen when its making the wines. Good for xp, bad for bans.
  5. does this also mean it doesn't support osbuddy? When do you think other clients will be added? I only use looking glass for all of my accounts..
  6. Just the ABC2 delays, you can make them faster in the antiban settings but if you want to be safe, i'd just keep them - worth keeping the account vs faster xp ?
  7. Thank you for fixing these issues, will any compensation VIP days be given out to us?
  8. shit man :/, I am using looking glass, sorry if this is a dumb question to be asking you, but do you know if they will be giving any VIP time for their issues?
  9. mine just keeps only mining rockfalls on top level of motherload, no paydirt.
  10. how can i download an older one? I can't find one on oracle.
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