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  1. everyones opinion on how they have been banned even without botting and only using the client.
  2. i got like 10 99s and an account with 100m+ thieving exp back in theday with his bot lol
  3. my main account had a quest cape way before it got banned and i wasnt even botting profitable stuff
  4. it keeps happening to me too... I first had 3 accounts running for abou 36 hours and all got banned. Then decided to make one account, make it a main account and later on bot something decent to profit from, fucking banned withing 36 hours as well, I botted some combat levels on chickens, wc/fletching, 52 agility all from gnome course and lastly left a quest bot running overnight, banned 2 hours after i left to sleep
  5. wtf you mean by being teleported to another world
  6. I have 2 auths and i havnt been on tribot for like 9 months, how do i make use of my premium scripts now with he repository?
  7. i was rank 4 overall when i got banned on my main, just got back to botting for raw profit
  8. war over runescape sounds legit man, my joint agrees with me
  9. rs3 did they remake runescape's website so that people cant use it? holy fuck what is this, wtf is axeso5
  10. the most annoying shit ever, yeah im from latinamerica but it is so annoying, plus when i log in to play it takes me to latinamerican servers only, theres only two worlds i can select... how can i fix
  11. take moneypak, it cant be chargebacked.
  12. can anyone put me up to date with the status of this script? i am interested in buying
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