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  1. @TRiLeZ Totally unrelated but could you please check your PM's from me about a credit purchasing issue. Sorry to post it on here but I fear my message will not be read otherwise!
  2. Very strange was only aware my ISP offered IPV4, Ok no problems will wait and see what happens. Is there anyway I can buy credits in the mean time? If I purchase with a card instead of paypal will that yield the same issue?
  3. @YoHoJo I just purchased credits using paypal (not had an issue before) to also buy VIP but after payment there was a database error. I've been charged $8 twice on my paypal but have no credits. Any idea?
  4. But what about when I need to interact with each item in the shop?
  5. As it won't seem to let me edit, i'll have to make a new post. I've had a little play around and this was the outcome. What do you think? public static RSItem[] getAllItems() { ArrayList<RSItem> items = new ArrayList<>(); RSInterfaceChild itemsChild = Interfaces.get(PARENT, ITEMS_CHILD); if(itemsChild != null) { RSInterfaceComponent[] components = itemsChild.getChildren(); for(RSInterfaceComponent component : components) { if(component.getComponentItem() == 6512) { break; } items.add(new RSItem(component.getComponentName(), component.getActions(), component.getIndex(), component.getComponentItem(), component.getComponentStack(), RSItem.TYPE.OTHER)); // Adds location of square to item. items.get(component.getIndex()).setArea(component.getAbsoluteBounds()); } return items.toArray(new RSItem[items.size()]); } return null; }
  6. Awesome, thanks for this! However from this I'm not really sure how you would go about then clicking each item, preferably by name. As your not storing the bounds of the items or the name
  7. Hi all, I'm developing a script that needs to interact with a shop. In my shopping API class I have the following: private static final int PARENT = 300; private static final int ITEMS_CHILD = 2; public static RSItem[] getAllItems() { RSInterfaceChild itemsChild = Interfaces.get(PARENT, ITEMS_CHILD); if(itemsChild != null) { return itemsChild.getItems(); } return null; } Then within another class I'm testing how it works. @Override public void execute() { RSItem[] items = Shopping.getAllItems(); if(items.length > 0) { for(RSItem item : items) { General.println(item.getStack()); } } } However, through debugging it never goes into the for loop as item.length is not more than 0. I am confident that my interface ID's are right as the interface explorer explicitly states that within interface 300, child 2 the components within contain information about each item in a shop. Can anyone possibly share an opinion as to why it may not be working? EDIT: From a brief conversation with @Starfox it appears that maybe interfaces have changed a bit since and I might have to loop through each component manually.
  8. Fair enough mate, do you have skype at all? It would be awesome to add you. Im not new to this game at all but would maybe good to bounce ideas off to develop newer techniques and tweaks for my own methods
  9. Nice guide What's your opinion on level 3's though? I've had both level 3's and accounts from level 40/50 but they get banned about the same rate
  10. @TRiLeZ The same client approx. 6 hours later on
  11. Damn it, its still on the creep
  12. Trilez your a star! Did my thread help at all?
  13. Thanks Aro, i've noticed another issue though. When seers is disabled on auto-levelling it will still choose it as a viable course.
  14. Aye, the good old days! Was anyone here a member of rs-resources with the release of ARGA? Was admined by Taios, Zappacky and Iamadam