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  1. Anyone else having issue with worldhopping? Goes to tab to switch worlds but wont click "world switcher" button. When manually selecting the button the script then hops succesfully. EDIT Nvm, issue seems to have resolved itself
  2. @Aropupu Any chance of a private key being used for DaxWalker? Someone is absolutely thrashing the public key atm and it and is causing issues.
  3. If you're willing I can take a look over screen share or similar and try and diagnose the problem if you need help - it's up to you. I've PM'ed you my Discord tag.
  4. I don't want to state the obvious but are your proxies SOCKSv5? If they're anything else they're not compatible.
  5. Maybe firewall on your VPS blocking something? Just a blind stab in the dark - if it is though I'll be useless help I suck at iptables lol
  6. Out of interest had you previously paused the script (e.g. to transfer some gold) without closing and re-opening the client? Just something that might be interesting that's possibly causing that issue.
  7. @TRiLeZ have noticed after a break has ended I arrive back to see the client on the world select screen. Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. Hi, I have this in my script: And yet tribot decides to move mouse about during long sleep times which is rather undesirable considering it's an anti-logout script i'm using to splash. Any ideas what to use instead?
  9. Used proxy6. Got instantly banned after RWTing gold buying bond activating it and attempting to login into members. Didn't bot on it, completely clean acc except for RWT (but i didn't get RWT ban on my account status) Now it could be boglagold but the dude claimed his character was new. Also VPC I've done it on was completely clean instance.
  10. Can you do fire staff+green d'hide vambs?
  11. Wow, this is awesome - thanks! Just shows the power that adding those libraries to tribot has
  12. Your correct in that my breaks are low frequency but I've been running them since the time it's been reported as not working as intended and it's been fine - but I am not disregarding that it is an issue at all. Just trying to lend a helping hand. Maybe I can do some testing on frequent breaks. For anyone who wants to know I use Windows 10 LTSB and JDK 8 v181
  13. I haven't had a problem with the break handler at all. l I'd love to know what OS and version your using, java version and whether you've deleted the tribot folder fully and tried again? among maybe some other details. Maybe when the bot is back up I can help you with this process. Perhaps PM me so we don't go off topic on this thread.
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