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  1. Hello, I don't know if this is the right section to post this, however I am looking to buy a very in-depth break file for Tribot. Meaning I am looking to buy someones break file who took the time to really go through the trial and error of the break system and make a great break handler. PM Me if you are interested, I can pay via PP or OSRS GP. Thanks, Robert
  2. Bot busting ban on new account

    2 but my ip is dynamic so i just restarted my router and new ip
  3. Bot busting ban on new account

    i would try using a proxy. it seems its best if u dont bot for like 48 hours of first registering the account, i feel like they flag all new accounts, this is just a theory though. i wasn't using a proxy at the time. im surprised that a jmod caught me on tutorial island
  4. Bot busting ban on new account

    setup a new account and use the tutorial island bot, or quest bot. i dont know what it is, but i got banned very fast.
  5. Bot busting ban on new account

    hello, i would just like to warn everyone. I setup a new account, and had the tribot bot system go through tutorial island, and do 2 quests. next day i got banned. just letting you all know, DON'T DO THIS! - robert1122