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  1. Ignore the skype link below. Add kyle.terrance.mitchell on skype
  2. It bounces back and forth between the inventory and the dueling ring, never once clicking on it. (Tried both ring and equipped). And then once in alkharid, after I teled there, it walks to lumbridge for some reason. Bot says "Walking to bank"
  3. Welcome! Looking forward to having you here
  4. Bot are your own risk
  5. Motherload for gp, powermine iron for xp.
  6. Script it working perfect for me atm! No altar hovering or anything of the sort.
  7. I've never actually been banned for hunting on 3+ accounts
  8. Tunkles

    07 Account Bans

    Nope, haven't lost an account yet.
  9. Onboard graphics are never really the best. But seeing as it's a laptop, it looks pretty decent. Price is a little steep in my opinion.
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