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  1. Ignore the skype link below. Add kyle.terrance.mitchell on skype
  2. 900k ea if someone buys all within the hour
  3. Ignore the skype link below. Add kyle.terrance.mitchell
  4. Please be advised: I am currently VERY BUSY at school. I am still swapping, however, my ability to respond will be very delayed. I will do my best to serve you all <3
  5. Add me on skype, I can swap for you.
  6. LOTS of EOC in stock!
  7. You seem to get banned a lot haha ^-^
  8. Can you add dynamic signatureS?
  9. That would be great, thanks. Great to see a scripter who is active.
  10. It bounces back and forth between the inventory and the dueling ring, never once clicking on it. (Tried both ring and equipped). And then once in alkharid, after I teled there, it walks to lumbridge for some reason. Bot says "Walking to bank"
  11. Welcome! Looking forward to having you here
  12. May I just add, your name and pic are fucking hilarious.
  13. ADded you on skype.