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  1. Butler stuck. Butler stuck. Butler stuck. Client lags to oblivion. Also when this doesn't happen, I'm only getting 135k xp an hour using oak doors. This is very slow, mostly the interactions with the butler and removing the door. Crazy long delay, anti ban set to 0.01. Maybe it's just me, because I'm using LG. Not sure Edit: Xp rate jumped 180k when I switched to my desktop.
  2. What version of Java are you guys using for waterfox? Edit: it works for like 20-30 seconds, then waterfox just crashes and goes white after hooking. Edit: Got it working, had to use a 32 bit version of PaleMoon.
  3. Oh baby. Is rl+ lg working now ?
  4. This happens alot on larders too, xd. Should just make it summon if you fail to interact after 1-2 attempts.
  5. For Mythical cape you need to add so that it either removes the cape before leaving the house to use the Phials or unnote one less than the amount of maximum empty slots available in your inventory. It crashes once it gets back to the mythical cape and realizes it has to no space to remove the prebuilt one.
  6. Where's the stamina pot support at ?
  7. This quest list is so similar to rquesters xd.
  8. Sadly not a viable money maker during peak times. Profit, doesn't include the amount you lose in mats from deaths ?
  9. The script doesn't decide if you get chain banned. xd. Jagex does.
  10. Did you use recording in v3 for this? I managed to get a 2 day ban from using this at seers, rip xd Didn't use recording though, so i'm kinda curious.
  11. Just play on fully zoomed out, and disable camera rotations maybe ? I'm on falador and using it alongside high alch. Looks better than what I've seen on runemate and rspeer in terms of realism. Rspeer, you don't even see the mouse move in coordinates, the actions just happen xd. Scrolling through bank? Nope. Insta withdraw. Then again, I don't plan on maxing agility. Just to the point where I can do what's needed.
  12. How are people getting banned for using this xd, the xp is kinda slow and its crazy realistic with LG. Not sure if human mouse movements are enabled with script. It's pretty effective, excluding the one time world hop let me down and let me die in wildy agility course. I only lost summer pies, so its fine.
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