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  1. Hello, i purchased your script and it doesnt seem to be working correctly. I am able to run it but the menu is not loading correctly so i cannot select any options. Any way to fix this?
  2. i need an intro for YouTube! paying $$. name your price and skill on video editing!
  3. mijicm55

    farming question!

    Okay should I set breaks? Like every 4 hours then they take an hour off? Or would that not help my situation
  4. mijicm55

    farming question!

    hello. i started a farm with 8 bots doing fishing(f2p) to see if they would get banned fast and they got banned in less than a day! how would i make it so my farms last longer? and i can actually make some money? not asking what you bot i just need some tips on how to manage a farm!
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