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  1. Currently open and taking orders! DOING NEXT ORDER FOR REALLY CHEAP MSG ME OR ADD MY SKYPE: ALEXX58211 to discuss
  2. +1 been 4 days since I've had use of this script since it's issue. Every time I attempt to, it runs 20 mins hops, and gets stuck in beta. how long is this going to keep going on for? @Usa
  3. i dont think anyone sells .5 credits might be wrong tho
  4. nah it would be pointless he didnt lose anything nor did i its just stupid of him to try to say buy with caution
  5. so he tells me hes going to sleep right so he logs off of skype i finish capturing the pokemon and go to sleep 2 hours later (short nap) hes on skype and i tell him yo im done with ur pokemon and he magically gets off 5 min later so i was like okay that was wierd of him to do so. I happen to get on another forum and he was online on that forum looking at different topics so he clearly was dodging me and he trys telling me he was "asleep" how can someone be sleeping and looking at different topics at the same time so i logged back in deleted ONLY the pokemon I caught for him and terminated the service, he tryed msging me that he wanted to "pay me" after he realized that i had deleted his pokemon. no payment was made
  6. LMAOOOOO Usa if u want to msg me i can tell u exactly what happened and have screenshots of everything, i deleted the pokemon i caught not the ones that were yours so dont try to act like i deleted your pokemon
  7. I'm located in Los Angeles California , there is indeed 2 gyms maybe like 4 minutes away from my house, the route I usually run does appear to have a lot of Pokemon and I don't mind pming u a picture
  8. so guys almost sure some of u guys play pokemon GO but sometimes dont have the time to go out looking for pokemon. This is where i come in i can do that for u and catch pokemon or level you up If anyone is interested pm me or add my skype :alexx58211.
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