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  1. NVM

    Did you manage to fix the error?
  2. Vouch. Bought some credits off him. Fast and Easy.
  3. Cheers mate, I'm sure those who haven't already written their own will make use of this
  4. Very solid guide mate! Would be helpful for anybody unsure on how to go about threads and listener/observer classes Thanks for the contribution.
  5. Use the ID debugging built into the tribot client. Here:
  6. RIP time to throw out that script
  7. Certainly could be implemented. Cheers for the suggestions guys.
  8. Hello, So I am currently working on an AIO Decanter / Reverse decanter which will currently include the following features: Capable of decanting any dose of any potion into 4 does potions through the NPC at the GECapable of reverse decanting any dose to any lower dose. eg. 4 dose into 3 dose.My question for you guys is, is there any other features you would like this script to incorporate? GUI screenshot:
  9. Keep up the good work
  10. Updated Version 1.1 Can now start from anywhere (WebWalking). Added profit per hour using GE prices.
  11. Cheers, it is now up in the repository.
  12. kSpinner KiwiRun I have written this script as I have found spinning flax at Seers Village to have a lower ban rate than when spinning in Lumbridge, which makes up for it being slightly less bow strings per hour. Features Spins flax in Seers Village.Logs out when out of flax.Deposits all items when banking.Will logout and end script is bot is lost.Can be started anywhere (Theoretically). Uses webWalking to get to Seers Village.Usage To use this script, simple start it while near Seers Village. If have flax on you it will run straight to the Spinner otherwise bank for flax. If your character is not near Seers Village it will use WebWalking to get there. Changelog Download
  13. I was having this problem but managed to solve it by using the most up to date java patch (jdk1.8.0_60). Scripts are working fine for me now.