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  1. @iant06 please respond or i will be forced to post in the script dispute section
  2. this script was fine a few days ago, now it just spazzes out clicking the minimap while smelting cannonballs. and doesn't do anything. fix it asap please or i want my credits back, i just bought this and im supper disappointed..
  3. Hey I bought 15 credits under this ID: 141135, didn't receive them on the spot perhaps something went wrong? @erickho123
  4. When doing double astrals, the script wastes a lot of time clicking the booth at (2098, 3920, 0), which is always empty. Would be a pretty significant improvement if you removed this function. Else, script works wonders, I'm about to hit 91 rc!
  5. Seems like the webwalking is still iffy