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  1. Made a fresh proxy, fresh ironman. Hand leveled everything, within 20 minutes at fishing trawler while baby sitting and talking banned for botting.
  2. did aerial fishing, with afking, moderate breaks, hit with a ban next day. feels bad
  3. I'm having the problem with it not starting back up after afking or taking a break. Is it because my house portal is in bad area? Or is it bot sided
  4. poh pool and mounted fairy ring is my method. Thanks for working on it already! also it right clicks the house tablets after teleporting to poh after banking and the highscores might be down for me hasnt tracked my kills and im dropping rank now :c
  5. In the debug its saying login started, and log in bot succeeded so I dont think thats it, I think its running into the corner of the house and afking. Shortly after setting it up last night i came back to check it and it was afking in the corner of my house. Reset it and went to bed woke up and 40 minutes later script ended probably from same thing. It's so hit or miss nowadays haven't had these problems the last time I did sessions with this script. But now half the time it'll run for 20 minutes and then stop so no profit compared to last purchases of this script because it wont run for a long session half the time ? EDIT: just noticed my ahrims were broken in my inventory for the second time, logged into being outside house portal, using pool and mounted fairy ring method does that not support lumby tabs anymore to fix barrows?
  6. having a problem where the script quits running after taking a break or hopping worlds, itll log from inactivity after coming back
  7. do you have it equipped and set for your equipment?
  8. when using house and pool method, it pulls out full invy of food instead of leaving a space open for switch and then just eats a food at the beginning of fight to have room for the switch
  9. [16:10:52] Runtime: 11:47:14 [16:10:52] Profit: 0 (0) [16:10:52] Bars: 33,960 (2,881) [16:10:52] Exp: 1,89x,940 (160,x75) (30) forgot to grab a screenshot but great bot, on my way to 90 smithing!
  10. I think it was because I was using dungeon entrance and not trap door/staircase, i wasn't banned fortunately, works great for everything else though i ended up going mahogany tables
  11. Welp im going to get banned thanks to this script, started doing oak dungeon doors, its time for break, bot logs back in, goes into house, and never goes back into the dungeon and resumes building doors. instead it just stands afk in middle of house until it auto logs, then logs back in, goes into house again, afks until auto log, repeat for 8 hours. Thanks
  12. The script keeps staying paused after coming back from a break, is that tribot side or your side? I'm breaking roughly every 3 hours and when i come back it'll still say paused on the time to idle log out and i guess it will just have never logged back in and started back up.
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