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Everything posted by neeqo

  1. ive been trying to verify my email also it already verified but i cant use it to payy since it wants me to reverify it? what can i do to get my account verified again the emails dont show up on my account
  2. i have an elite clue i ned to train thieveing on, my accoutn has one previous ban and i dont wann get permed. is this bot somewhat safe if i bot this liuke 3 hours at a time?
  3. Just did my cape while i went to sleep, Great guy fast to start and known him for long time! If you're looking for reliable caper don't hesitate to use Him!
  4. used it last night and owke up 2 a 2day right after like 1 hour of using this on my main, im happy it was 2day because i bought like 150m on it lol
  5. can you make it use shared xp like controlled on whip by any chance? trying to get untrimmed hpp and this script almost has me at 99 attack
  6. hah yea it would be nice to train my str as its only 95 and i want 99 and started a like 88 attack and am now 95 attack
  7. its been messing up for a lot now, havent got it to be stable in a couple days any chance rs got updated or something?
  8. heree http://gyazo.com/49be53ee4eea6448158b7775dfc2c0ea pretty much everytime itll end up here either after an hour or after 70 chests i have no idea why but this is why probably people are getting banned
  9. aI keep geting stuck above the barrows place the last couple days
  10. I just got my 3rd visage after running this script for a day!@!@! i havent used this script in a while but i decided to use it to train rainge and got visage woo hoo love this !!! also it didnt display the visage pop up it had before but i dont mind as long as i got my visage!
  11. system update broke banking for now, be patient brother
  12. waste of money? ive made like $300 from a $30 (bough the scrpit twice) investment lol
  13. i got 16m in about 8 hours tanks to 2 guth spears back to back lost it all staking though :/
  14. added u on skype would like to buy 10 repo credits asap before i go to work thanks
  15. hey mate amazing script, only thing id want it to do to make it more better is to fix the clues id since it doesn't loot them. i think that there ids got switched when they changed the names to clue scroll (medium).
  16. i cant seem to get this bot to run long every time i leave it when i go out it ends up broken somehow, for example it completes one inventory and when i got home it was standing outside the house tele to canifis saying walking to bank but was just standing there for like 8 hours.
  17. screen keeps freezing after i start, didnt happen before yesterday? this is in bot debug: [10:47:13] Error: t.c() cx.j() p.ab() w.cp() w.cp() q.cm() client.l() bl.ob() | t:49 cx:11 cn:1121 cn:809 p:4461 w:8873 w:8981 q:8744 client:1682 bl:196 bl:153 Thread:724 | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -899172855[10:47:13] error_game_crash[10:47:13] Client crash debugging info: - 1: 1392922032282 - 1582 - 2: TRiBot Release 9.10_1 - 3: 30 - 4: false 0 Thread-47 obf.Kj[name=main82888,maxpri=10] Thread[Thread-47,1,main82888]
  18. ^^^
  19. weird bud, ive ran this flawless all day, try re-downloading tribot?
  20. Yea i told him to redeem my other auths but for some reason i guess i forgot this one. anyways thanks for cleaning up the answer.