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  1. Same issue. Buys items and strands still. Sometimes banks for 1-2 times. and then buys full inv and stops walking to bank.
  2. stajer


    Dont know if this is righ tplace to ask,,, If I would use mule to keep my items safe would I get ban on both accounts or just the one who was botting lets say mining?
  3. You think script like this wont have high ban rate? lol if it collects 200 hides/h its like 300k/hr. isnt that a lot for a script that requires a fresh acc and thats all? lol. OFC YOU WILL ALL GET BANNED FOR USING THIS PRETTY FAST. Hope I helped.
  4. Really nice script just, can i ask if it would be possible to reduce camera movement speed? As we cant move camera using arrows so fast as the bot does.
  5. stajer

    break handler

    when break handler starts it keeps constantly moving mouse in log in scree. is it supposed to be like that or this is scripts part?
  6. will do really want play RS but it wouldnt be so fun without boting lol. i have life, cant play all day
  7. Havent tried unpluging... Maybe should work as router is set to use dynamic connection?
  8. How does this "mask" work? Im using tenda router and I cant seem to find such option...
  9. Hi all. So I have a question. Yesterday ban hammer puched me for boting ( well Im pretty sure I was not boting safe so whatever ). Tried to bot another account, got banned after boting 5 hours lol. So I guess my IP is really not safe to bot now lol. But I found out that my IP is dynamic. So Does this mean that if I change my IP I will be ready to bot again? Only problem is I dont know how to reset my IP as router is not changing it....
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