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  1. Different food types and ardy support is really all this script needs! Thanks anyways, works great got 1-70 in 2 days.
  2. Happens to me aswell, it just spam right clicks the runes. Other than that it's flawless!
  3. awesome man, thank you. the only other thing i'd suggest is choosing what herbs to pick up but it's not really that necessary. thanks again for the update!
  4. Has the update been pushed yet? Because it keeps trying to spam click the bank even though the doors are closed Found another bug. It ran to the shop because of a random event but then never ran back. Can you add an option to run back to the bank after 10 minutes of no xp or have it log out?
  5. i've already done that
  6. idk i just came back recently and i don't think it is my internet connection because i'm botting 2 accounts and 1 account will get kicked randomly then the other will get kicked randomly.. it doesn't say lost connection i just get kicked to log in screen
  7. I'm randomly getting kicked and when i log back in, i log in but i am quickly kicked again back to the login screen. can someone help
  8. Vouch for yohojo! Sold me 1 vip voucher for $6.50, i went first! Thanks!
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