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  1. Yeah i'm on 10.24.2. The bot opens the bank then nothing happens. Says Status: Setting Cache. Current Task Loading Then in the debug it says Debug Is bank loaded: falseBank Handler : Bank Cache Updated. 0 Items Loaded
  2. Keep getting Debug Is bank loaded: false Bank Handler : Bank Cache Updated. 0 Items Loaded Anyone know this problem?
  3. Anyone have a good list of which seed Id's to drop for master farmers ? A screen shot would be great of your pick-pocketing settings.
  4. is there a way to close the gui so i can see chat?
  5. sodizzy

    WTB 1 credit

    id like to buy 1 credit or even 0.50 if possible for atleast 1m or lower dm me on discord aedizzy#7635
  6. Ive been using this script for 2 weeks, at motherlode. Now when i click start it goes to the most southern spot and stops.. I have it set to upperlevel mining idk why its doing this it just started happening.
  7. Hey so the bot works perfect id say for the first 5-10 noted times. then it will say Any Suggestions ? Edit : Also goes to the alter South of rimmington if "house portal does not work" when it does work.. really annoying.
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