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  1. I have some proggies and a 99 for you if you want it I cant figure out where the screenshots were saved though
  2. at level 85 now script has been crashing though *logs out and script still runs* i have login bot with my info but for some reason it doesnt activate and I do not have breaks set. I cut about 2k magic shorts and strung them then cut 1k magic longs then it logged out about 3 hrs run time
  3. all day today i've been trying to use this script to get from 1 fletching its been about 8 hours and i am currently at 50 fletching I am stringing bows and i have all neccesary bows and strings to get to 75 fletching the script STOPS withdrawing my current level bow (IE fletching is level 49 and the script stops fletching willow longbows when i still have 10 in the bank and it withdraws maple short bows and spams OVER AND OVER so for hours at a time i get "requires 50 fletching to fletch" i have tried several different solutions to fix this. I have tried manually setting script to the amount of bows in my bank same thing happened. i have tried setting script by my level in fletching still nothing.i have tried setting script to fletch until out of required materials per task still nothing for some reason whenever you get to about 9 bows the script thinks there are none left then it spams bows that i cant fletch (seems very bannable to me)
  4. is trial only 1 hour long? im interested in script i wish trial was longer ive had it running for 10minutes so far on trial. I read earlier it was 6 hours but script info says 1 hour
  5. OSRS is stuck on "downloading jar"
  6. occasionally during teleporting the script will miss click and continue to miss click for a VERY long time
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