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  1. Don't mean to be a pain, but they changed the log out again! Cheers for making adjustments so quicky, would it be possible to put it back to how it was?
  2. That's great cheers, also Deadproof123 make sure it hops worlds with 1 person or more, then noone will report you !
  3. New update today (21st May 2015) means the logout button has moved up about an inch and in its place is a 'World Switcher' button. This means that when you hop worlds, the bot gets a little confused... Just thought I'd post this here so you can make updates if possible!
  4. jswiles1

    auto eater

    one comment mentioned bandits...... they never stop being aggressive, also god wars dungeon monsters. there could be a set few monsters it can attack and knows how to make them aggressive again. e.g. giant spiders, ankous..... and so on
  5. jswiles1

    auto eater

    i was recently given a 2 day ban on my main which of course left me crying uncontrollably under my desk. i was wondering if a simple bot could be created that just 'ate' food. this would mean there would be less mouse movement for jagex to track it being a 'bot', obviously being more beneficial as less bans. this bot of course would need to be set up in an area where afk is possible. basic script but could really reduce bans tyty npnp j.wiley
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