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  1. Might aswell throw a few $'s at a couple of proxies and see how that goes, just my opinion
  2. There is plenty of threads on the forum already, about avoiding bans and how to stay somewhat safe.
  3. Honestly I would say you either has an IP-address flagged already, or you were just extremely unlucky. I'm still yet to get banned with DaxHunter (recently switched to TRiBot), and I'm sitting on 6 fresh hunter accounts all doing chins so far.
  4. Coming on here with 1 post complaining, use $8 on one of the ones that works. Lol
  5. I'm not experiencing any problems as far as I can see.
  6. So you mean to tell me that takes you longer time than doing tutorial island?
  7. I don't know how you unlock your accounts, but I unlock mines in less than two minutes. So yeah lol
  8. Can't really say that's wasting time, considering you're the one creating 5-10 accounts with 2-3 that survives. Just saying
  9. So create 5-10 on a single proxy? Not suspicious at all... Instead of just doing 2-3 over a longer timespan and unlocking if they get locked.
  10. MalleDK

    That moment

    I honestly had absolutely no faith in getting any of the ones appealed unbanned, consider they all had macroing major. Turns out, Jagex gives late christmas gifts lol
  11. MalleDK

    That moment

    It has apparently been for quite a while now, realized once I got back into RS a couple of weeks ago that you could now appeal any type bans. The chance of bot bans being taken off, obviously is slim to none.
  12. MalleDK


    They're not going to touch your main in case you get banned. Guaranteed
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