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  1. @butta Yeah I'm using LG
  2. I'm having a problem with the break handler. The break initiates, but after the break ends, the client gets stuck at the login screen. I have to manually press "existing user" before the break handler enters in my account information. Any suggestions to fix this?
  3. j888lnm

    paypal payment

    I seem to have a problem with the paypal hooked up to my account. I never receive the verification link when i verify my paypal email address before i purchase.
  4. I have the same problem. Keeps saying the transaction did not complete due to fraudulent activities.
  5. j888lnm

    looking glass

    what is this looking glass everyone is talking about? i haven't been on in months.
  6. Selling $25 itunes gift card. Paypal only. Will go first if you are a trusted member.
  7. j888lnm

    vip to vipe

    @J M C this is all i see http://gyazo.com/e0de68764d54980a75213b340b17b3ab nvm i see it
  8. j888lnm

    vip to vipe

    Is there a button to upgrade from VIP to VIP Extended? i heard that if you bought VIP, you can pay an extra $2 to upgrade to VIP extended.
  9. seems to be that everyone gets banned on mondays. every monday my accounts get banned so my accounts last less than a week
  10. sell it all before it crashes even more
  11. prices aren't going to stable for awhile :/
  12. j888lnm

    suicide botting

    what are some good times to bot a large number of hours?
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