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  1. I seem to have a problem with the paypal hooked up to my account. I never receive the verification link when i verify my paypal email address before i purchase.
  2. I have the same problem. Keeps saying the transaction did not complete due to fraudulent activities.
  3. how well is this script working atm?
  4. what is this looking glass everyone is talking about? i haven't been on in months.
  5. @J M C this is all i see http://gyazo.com/e0de68764d54980a75213b340b17b3ab nvm i see it
  6. Is there a button to upgrade from VIP to VIP Extended? i heard that if you bought VIP, you can pay an extra $2 to upgrade to VIP extended.
  7. seems to be that everyone gets banned on mondays. every monday my accounts get banned so my accounts last less than a week
  8. sell it all before it crashes even more
  9. prices aren't going to stable for awhile :/
  10. combat
  11. does your graphics card support three monitors? @syipkpker1
  12. what are some good times to bot a large number of hours?
  13. any suggestion on what proxies to use?
  14. are you planning just to bot on it?
  15. the bot seems to struggle when the door is closed. Im at egdeville killing men and it doesn't click on the door to open it