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  1. dam gf me got a 2 day ban on 1 acc and perm ban on other , only used this bot on both accounts.
  2. ^ idk how u get a 10 hr proggy mine rarely goes over 3 hrs due to randoms in and outsid the ring.. maybe you should wkrk on that so i can actually run the script without babysitting...
  3. how about u stfu rtard, a premium script should be flawless, there are free scripts that can run for longer peroids of time np , obviously if i spend my money on something i want it to the full extent. go back to picking ur nose in the corner because you clearly dont know what your talking about. Some of us , unlike you, go out and i dont want to have to keep checking back on my bot. Keep your big nose out of my business.
  4. to much time in between clicking to attack , slows down xp a hr alot, has yet to log back in after 6 hrs for me if it even reaches that long, fails randoms a lot (client sided ) but this is most likely due to a random being in the ring while the char is outside, maybe find a way to fix that idk.
  5. imo script is not even premium worthy... lot of problems and hasnt run for longer then 2 hrs for me... Also takes ages to attack my dummy
  6. jackj1

    Client freezing

    A private snape script, but it also has done it with texans paid pest control script
  7. not sure if it has been fixed or not yet and its just my script that is causing it or what but it is definitely frustrating
  8. Same for me also. Sets one trap and just keeps repeatedly picking it up & dropping it.
  9. Shot you a message, wanting to buy script via RSGP. Message back when free.
  10. i cant download scriptloader, i click on it and some error java message comes up ..!
  11. You telling 5 people easily turns in 100+ ppl, ppl tell people. If it isn't confirmed i wouldn't recommend saying it. Jagex has changed spots 3 times few unconfirmed spots i know of they haven't touched once for the sole purpose it is unconfirmed, therefore most likely not being farmed by loads of people. Spots will prob stay the same through out all rares untill confirmed. So as said I wouldn't recommend it.
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